Nutrition Counseling


Your nutrition has a huge impact on how healthy and lucky you are. Mostly common knowledge does not suffice for eating healthy. It takes motivation and a strict orientation. Even in this field we will support you by providing helpful tips and advices which can be easily adopted to your daily routine. 


Based on our analysis of your former nutritional habits we will mutually shape the diet that suits you and your goals – step by step and without counting calories. To us it’s important that you don’t have to sacrifice taste or pleasure. Because eating should also bring joy.

"Ideal to get on the right track in terms of nutrition and exercising. Friendly counselling, suitable for day-to-day use and tailored to my individual needs. I would recommend Sebastian a hundred per cent." Anita

Prices nutrition counseling

  Single session 109€

The first consultation is free.
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  Packet 10 sessions 990€ = 99€ per session
  Packet 20 sessions 1780€ = 89€ per session
  Packet 30 sessions 2370€ = 79€ per session

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