Personal Training


During personal training sessions you will work one-to-one with a trainer. You determine when, where and how often we train. The collaboration starts with an extensive analysis followed by setting your personnel goals. Based on that we start your training routine which will indeed be challenging but not overcharging. We will record your progress on a regular basis. That makes you stay motivated and focused. 


In contrast to online programs or other fitness studios we are able to adjust the session to your form on the day at any time. Your Sporstfreund trainer is going to make sure that every exercise is performed correctly and with the appropriate weight. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, strengthen your back or just be more in shape – our personal training makes you reach your goals at minimum time. 

"I used to do a lot of sports. Today I’m sitting at the desk all day long. So, I wanted to get back on track, get both more flexible and stronger. Mission accomplished. No moronic bulking up but fun every single time." Christian

Prices Personal Training

  Single session 109€

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  Packet 10 sessions 990€ = 99€ per session
  Packet 20 sessions 1780€ = 89€ per session
  Packet 30 sessions 2370€ = 79€ per session

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